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​Welcome to Steps4Kids!

Help is here! The Steps4Kids accommodations specialists can take general education curriculum and create a completely individualized program that tracks the classroom activities.  Worksheets and other materials are customized to integrate accommodations and any modifications  (e.g. color prompts, cloze activities, step modeling, etc.) to help the student access the gen ed curriculum and demonstrate their understanding.

As easy as 1-2-3!  First, Steps4Kids services are added to the IEP's "Supports and Services". Next, the teacher gives our accommodation specialists a copy of the IEP, course agenda and materials used in class. Then, our team works with the teacher to provide customized materials on a weekly or monthly basis that the student can use directly in class, for homework or on an AT device.  Approx. $2,000 a year per subject (can be used for unlimited number of students).

Our goal:  Enhanced Accessibility, Improved Understanding, Increased Retention, and More Reliable Expressions of Knowledge.


 Makers of award winning educational DVDs and customized student materials for home and school use!  

​Currently Steps4Kids offers instructional DVDs that help teach handwriting, drawing and multiplication.  Our handwriting DVDs teach printing (both the Zaner-Bloser® and D'Nealian® styles), and cursive.  Upper and lowercase letters are taught in a single DVD together with 100+ reading words and built in breaks.  Our cursive DVD includes a special section for "connections" and provides color graphics to introduce words with cursive letters to help students read cursive writing. 

Our multiplication DVD discusses the times table, numerical patterns, and math concepts (such as the different properties), shows different ways to remember difficult equations and multiplication properties, and has a practice section after each lesson.  Our drawing DVD helps students improve their fine motor skills and learn simple shapes as well as more difficult drawings involving people (happy, sad, mad) and common community items such as trees, cars and bikes.