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Welcome to Steps4Kids, makers of award winning instructional DVDs and learning supports to help students succeed at home and at school!  We offer educational dvds to help viewers learn how to: print (traditional and modern printing styles),  write and read cursivemultiply, draw and more!  Each DVD is at least 60 minutes with some DVDs offering up to 90 minutes of teacher and student support.

For students with special learning needs, Steps4Kids provides services such as customized textbook tracking materials, modified worksheets, digital learning and studying tools, assistive technology plans and training, and other services to increase a student's access to curriculum and participation in class.   (Services Page)

We look forward to an opportunity to work with you and the student(s) you support!

Educational DVDs and Customized Instructional Supports For Home and ​School! use!

Please note that Steps4Kids DVDs may only be purchased through retailers, not through  Steps4Kids is in the process of creating digital versions for downloading (expected December 2015).

Oct. 2015:  FEATURED ITEM:  Parallel Curriculum

Do you have a child at home or in class who needs modified work or who needs special accommodations to keep up with the pace of the general education classroom?  
Steps4Kids can take any textbook and create  "parallel" curriculum in both hardcopy and digital versions to help students with learning disabilities meaningfully participate and learn in the least restrictive environment.

How does this work?

  1. The IEP team agrees that the student needs parallel curriculum to participate and learn in the LRE.
  2. A S4K team member meets or teleconferences with the staff to learn about the demands and assignments in the class and the student's or students individual educational needs.
  3. A copy of the class textbook and syllabus or list of assignments is provided to S4K. 
  4. S4K then creates classroom and home materials to facilitate the student's classroom participation. 
  5. S4K submits the materials to the case manager and/or teacher for approval and use the week before the materials are needed to provide time for teacher input and changes..

Who keeps the materials?  
After the initial start up fee, the district may keep and reuse the materials in subsequent years based upon the terms of the license.  Steps4Kids retains the copyright of all original content.


For articles on special education by co-founder Lucile Lynch, ​please click here.

Printing          Cursive          Drawing            Math             and more!


Need a reusable art tool to help develop fine motor skills and strong drawing foundations?  Our 90 minute video modeling DVD helps budding artists learn how to draw basic shapes as well as:

  • Animals you see at  the zoo, ocean, farm and home;
  • People and emotions (including profiles and clothes);
  • ​things you see around the home (bikes, trees, and more)